Launching Ramps Around Melbourne

Launching Ramps Around Melbourne

This report has been prepared by the Sonata Yacht Association of Victoria (SYAV) as part of its work as a member of Yachting Victoria (YV) Trailable Yacht Division Infrastructure Committee.  This web site thanks The Sonata Association for their permission to share this valuable information.

Necessary Requirements of Boat Ramps and Associated Facilities

  • Concrete Ramp allowing 2 or more concurrent launch & retrievals

  • Suitable depth of water in all tide conditions

  • Allow "Mast Up" launch & Retrieval.  (The alternative of mast down launch & retrieva can be dangerous if weather conditions are bad)

  • Adequite shelter from prevailing winds & sea

  • Wharfs or floating pontoons to tie down to after launching and before retrieval

  • car Parking for secure parking of trailers and towing vehicle

  • The ramp information is outdated as is currently being updated so use this information with caution.

Launching Ramps Southern Pr Phillip Bay Ramp1.pdf  Click Here

Launching Ramps Northern Pt Phillip Bay Ramp 2.pdf  Click Here

Launching Ramps Bellarine Peninsula Ramp 3.pdf  Click Here

Launching Ramps Western Port Bay  Ramp 4.pdf  Click Here

Launching Ramps Gippsland Lakes Ramps 5.pdf  Click Here