Purpose of this Web Site

Purpose of this Web Site

This web site is about Trailable Yachts & Trailer Sailors, an volunteer entity to help new and experienced sailors with a directory

What is a Trailable Yacht?

A Trailable Yacht is a monohull, ballasted yacht which can be transported on the public road system on the same trailer used to launch and retrieve it without the assistance of external equipment or detachment from the towing vehicle.

What is the purpose of this web site?

This web site is to provide information about mixed class and association trailable yachting events.

Individual classes, clubs and associations also run their own events.

What Do the Trailable Yacht Class Associations Do?

Each TY class Association is an entity representing the owners and and supporters of the class of boats to government and public in regard to integrity of class, promotion relationships and expertise and support for cruising and racing.

What does the Victorian Trailable Yacht Division of Australian Sailing do?

The Victorian Trailable Yacht Division of AS provides Associations and their members with services such as promoting sailing, training, events, policy, handicaps, and representation to all levels of government.

What are Trailable Yachts all about?

Joining a registered trailable yacht Association can give you access to a wide range of people who share a common interest in sailing and camping. You will meet other like minded people who enjoy what sailing and camping has to offer as an outdoor recreation for all ages, and participate in the active social events and programs arranged by Associations for their members