Variety of Trailables

Variety of Trailable Yachts


There are many Purposes and Varieties of Trailable Yachts

-Trailable Yachts are used for Cruising, racing and accommodation.

 -Trailable Yachts range from 4.8 Metres to 9.15 Metres

 -Tow vehicles vary depending on size and weight of the yacht from a standard 6 cylinder to a large 4WD.

 -Sleeping accommodation ranges from 2-6 persons

 -Trailable Yachts are available new and secondhand and are comparable in price to caravans and motorhomes

 -All provide on-board galley arrangements, washing and ice boxes.  Some have separate head (bathroom) for the porta-Potti which may include a shower.  Others have a porta potti tucked under a bunk.

 -Trailable Yachts may be towed to the extremites of Australia

 -Most Trailable Yachts meet State road regulations and hence can be towed at any time.

 -Travel is not restricted by weather - if conditions are unsuitable for sailing, trailable yachts may be retrieve and tow to the next destination.

 -The ability to sail to destinations that are not accessible by road.

 -Trailable Yachts can be lived on for extended periods of time.