Class Specifications

Class Specifications

 Hartley TS16

Designed by Richard Hartley in the 1960's - the TS16 - easily towed, rigged and launched is Raced within Clubs or Cruised on organised Association events.  In Victoria - Email:

CBH 0.635

Hartley TS18

The TS18 can be stored at home and is easily towed and launched

LOA 5.486 Metres, Beam 2.388 Metres, Draft (cb up) 0.279 Metres, (cb down) 1.499 Metres CBH 0.620 Web Site


Hartley TS21

The TS21 can be stored at home and is easily towed and launched

LOA 6.401 Metres, Beam 2.413 Metres, Draft (cb up) 0.305 metres (cb down) 1.524 Metres  CBH 0.610 Web Site


Noelex 25 

All the details of this class can be found at web site contact Andrew Fedorowicz – President NYAA Inc. Email :


Castle 550/650 

550   LOA 5.480 Metres, Beam 2.360 Metres Draft cb Down 1.420 Metres cb up 0.230 and Weight 599 Kgs CBH 0.675

650  LOA 6.560 Metres Beam 2.422 Metres Draft cb Down 1.590 Metres Draft cb up 0.255 CBH 0.725

All details can be found at



LOA 7.4 Metres,Beam 2.2 Metres, Draft (cb up 0.36 Metres, CBH DK 0.76  CBH SK 0.725

All details can be found at


Timpenny 670 

LOA 6.7m, Beam 2.2 m, draft (cb up) 0.20, CBH 0.685

Easy to handle by two people, boat stable in all conditions that is able to be towed by 6 cyl family car and accommodate a family of four adults. for more details.


Timpenny 770 

 LOA 7.71 Metres, Beam 2.425 metres. CBH DK 0.74 CBH SK 0.716

All details can be found at


Explorer 16 

The Exployer 16 is a 5 m fibreglass yacht, easy to tow, rig, launch and sail.  It is buoyant has a swing keel ans sleeps 2 adults.  The Explorer 16 Association has an active cruising and race program. Refer


LOA 6.098 Metres, Beam 2.287 Metres, Draft (cb up) 0.382 Metres CBH 0.600

All details can be found at

Farr 5000/6000/7500

Easy to handle boats in all conditions.  Refer to for more details:-

5000 LOA 5.090m Beam 2.250m Total Mass 550 Kg Draft Raised 0.30m Keel Lowered 1.24m

6000 LOA 6.110m Beam 2.450m Total Mass 850 Kg Draft Raised 0.42m Keel Lowered 1.55m

7500 LOA 7.548m Beam 2.480m Total Mass 1220 Kg Draft Keel Raised 0.46m Leel Lowered 1.80m

Ultimate 16/18/23

 16 LOA 5.0m Beam 2.1m Draft 1.2m CBH 0.58

 18 LOA 5.5m Beam 2.1m Draft (cb up) 0.3m CBH DK 0.600 CBH SK 0.59

23 LOA 7.2m Beam 2.4m Draft (cb up) 0.46m CBH 0.615

 All details can be found at


Magnum 8.5

LOA 8.53 Metres, Beam 2.45 Metres Draft (cb up) 0.31 metres CBH 0.767

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