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Entries as at 15:30 21-Feb-2024

Division Boat Name Sail Number Class Skipper Club
1 Fat Bottom Girl C750 Colson750 Brian Murphy Geelong Trailable YC
1 Green Machine 3100 Elliot5.9 Alex Wright Gippsland Lakes YC
1 Fuzzy Logic 9 Harris690 Stuart Loft Gippsland Lakes YC
1 Presto Too 2780 Ross780e Andrew Prest Royal Brighton YC
2 The Edge 004 Castle650 Mark Teasdale Cairn Curran YC
2 Orca 95 Castle650 Peter Lawrence Lake Wellington YC
2 Satisfaction 98 Castle650 Colin Svenson Lake Wellington YC
2 Loose Cannon 109 Castle650 Michael McCartney Cairn Curran YC
2 Sky High 129 Castle650 Brock Svenson Lake Wellington YC
2 Blackjack 140 Castle650 Ian Smith Mornington YC
2 Rook 0146 Castle650 Glenn Scheen Melbourne Trailable YC
2 Pipalini 147 Castle650 Mitch Bayliss Melbourne Trailable YC
2 Miss Understood 1960 Colson580 Andrew Bowker Lake Wellington YC
2 No Plan B 728 Noelex25 Robyn Clark Lake Wellington YC
2 Running Free 880 Noelex25 David Phillips Melbourne Trailable YC
2 Silver Shadow 938 Noelex25 Toby Leppin Newhaven YS
2 Quo Vadis 952 Noelex25 Jack Felsenthal Sorrento SCBC
2 Off We Go! b929 Noelex25 Gary MacKinven Blairgowrie YS
2 O'Really II NX941 Noelex25 Dennis Bromley Melbourne Trailable YC
2 Starry Night NX948 Noelex25 Adrian Cassar Melbourne Trailable YC
2 Vintage Red 342 RL24 SK Mark Francis Gippsland Lakes YC
2 ReLax 415 RL24 DK John Foley Gippsland Lakes YC
2 Cosmic Sedso 600 RL24 DK Paul Corben Gippsland Lakes YC
2 Zilzie Express 5326 Sonata26 Tim Heaney Gippsland Lakes YC
2 Time Flies 2 GL923 Sonata26 Neil Smith Gippsland Lakes YC
3 Sunrise 18 B63 Alex Stroud Gippsland Lakes YC
3 Sea Dove 578 Boomerang20 DK Paul Tripp Warneet MYC
3 ComeBack 191 Boomerang20 SK FBM Andrew McColl Lake Wellington YC
3 Dubboat 550 Castle550 Simon Dubbin Gipplsand Lakes YC
3 Cirrus SB20 Cygnet20 + Spin Tim Bardon Safety Beach SC
3 Almost Too 6786 Farr6000 Andrew Somerville Gippsland Lakes YC
3 Allanah 84 Ultimate18 SK Ray Cassar Melbourne Trailable YC
3 Uptown Girl 31 Ultimate23 Adam Erickson Ultimate Yacht Association
3 Flash GL054 Waller5.4 Ben Frecheville Royal YC Victoria
4 Jacana 860 Sonata26 no Spin Mick Floyd Gippsland Lakes YC
4 Touch of Paradise 2654 Sonata26 no Spin Andrew Sayle Gippsland Lakes YC
4 Tempo SB85 Sonata26 no Spin Malcolm Winder Safety Beach SC
4 Kalimna 4282 Timpenny770 SK No Spin Tim Morrison Timpenny Association
4 Miss Molly 463 Ultimate18 SK no Spin Robert Van Dijk Gippsland Lakes YC

Total Entries: 39


Non-Spinnaker division included.

Paynesville has ample car parking, jetty space, and boat ramps to accommodate all sizes of trailable yachts and sports boats.

Berthing on boats is permitted, as well as many accommodation options being available.

A simple dinner and social gathering will be hosted at the GLYC on the Saturday night.

There are take away food stores, restaurants, a pub and a supermarket within walking distance of the yacht club and berthing.

The event has been scheduled 2 weeks prior to the Marlay Point Overnight Race to give people the option of storing boats locally in between events:

The Paddock behind Lake Wellington Yacht Club will be available for boat storage for those wanting to leave boats at Marlay Point

Commercial storage options are available at Paynesville.


Download the Advance Notice Poster/Flyer for your Yacht Club or Association here